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Our Salmon Oil for Dogs, Cats & Pets is sourced from only fresh Scottish salmon, which have been ethically and sustainably sourced, and raised in deep-sea loughs in Scotland under natural and environmentally compatible conditions.

The oil is produced within 12 hours of the salmon being taken from the water and is full of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are fantastic for:

  • Shiny, soft coat, with less moulting and shedding
  • Itchy, dry skin and dander
  • Supports joint health and helps ease stiff sore joints
  • Supports immune health
  • Supports cardiac health
  • Excellent for cognitive health and brain development
  • General all-round health


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Recommended Daily Amounts to be mixed with food

Small 1-12kg.             1/2-1 pump/2.5 – 5mls daily

Medium 12-24kg       1.5-2 pumps/7.5 – 10mls daily

Large 24-28kg           2.5-3 pumps /12.5 – 15mls daily

Giant 48+kg               3.5 – 4 pumps /17.5 – 20mls daily

If your pet is taking our salmon oil for the first time, please introduce to the diet gradually over 7 days.

Suitable for dogs and pets of all ages from 12 weeks.

As with all of our products, if you have any questions please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. If your pet is on medication and you have any doubts, consult your vet.

Mix with food.

We use the most up to date production methods to remove the oil as gently as possible so as to maintain all of its goodness and not damage any of the important Omega 3 fatty acids.

Oil 99+%, Ash 0%, Fibre 0%, Protein 0%

Fatty acids (per 4ml/pump)  Saturated 820mg, Undsaturated 1400mg, Polyunsaturated 1200mg of which Omega fatty acids 1060mg
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 340mg
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 460mg
Omega 6 fatty acid 240mg
Omega 3 24-26%(EPA 7-9%) (DHA 10-12%)Omega 6 6%

Calories : Approx 880 per 100ml

Scottish Salmon Oil, Natural Antioxidants (Natural Tocopherols – Vitamin E).

Our salmon oil is produced under strict GB and EU laws and analysed regularly. It is microfiltered for extra purity. Each batch is carefully recorded, and veterinary checked.

Please note, due to our salmon oil being a natural product, colour and consistency may change slightly from batch to batch.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat fluctuations.

No need to store in the fridge.

Use within 6 months of opening.

For animal use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

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500ml, 1000ml, 2500ml, 5000ml

Customer Reviews

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Scottish Salmon Oil

Excellent product, dogs love it and it's really starting to take effects on their coats and hopefully their general longterm health


Brilliant product backed up with very a quick response to initial enquiries . The dispatch & delivery was also very efficient .My order arrived within 24hrs . Absolutely no complaints ..

Scottish Salmon Oil

Super fast delivery. My 2 springer spaniels are now extra excited at feed times. I’ve noticed results straight away. I would recommend to all

Dogs love it and so does my vacuum cleaner!

My lab and cocker spaniel love this and so does my vacuum cleaner! Dogs love the taste, easily dispensed with the pump attachment for the 5l container I bought. I was told years ago to give my labrador oil for her dandruffy coat no mention of salmon oil and never really sorted it. Years later, another lab and more continuous moulting and dandruff and saw Salmon Oil advised and within a week I cant get over the difference, it really does stop that tumbleweed of dog hair. Highly recommend.

The Good Stuff

We have found over a long period that our 3 Large Munsterlanders love it, as they are very active it's good for their joints+their coats also benefit. Good stuff


15 years ago, it was very difficult to get salmon oil in the UK and most people had never heard of it.

Having sourced and used it ourselves on a very arthritic rescue dog, we were so impressed with results of the product that we decided to start a business so that we could provide it to other pet owners.

Originally we sold a foreign brand of oil which we shipped in, however, we knew that we could do better.

We spent a huge amount of time researching and speaking to experts, and sourcing suppliers.

We realised that Scottish salmon was amongst the most desired and top quality in the world, being used in top restaurants and sold in the top fishmongers and supermarkets.

Being a UK company we wanted to utilise this wonderful resource. Not only was it a UK product, but it would have much less carbon footprint.

This is when Healthy Hounds Scottish Salmon Oil was born. We are extremely proud to still offer the highest quality oil, at reasonable prices, and to have been the first company to provide a Scottish Salmon Oil supplement.

Others have followed us since then, some good quality, some very much the opposite, however with our oil you can rest assured that you are getting the same safe, tested, traceable super-premium quality oil that it has always been.

We are extremely proud to be the Original, and still the best Scottish Salmon oil brand.

Cold-pressed is a term coined a number of years ago as a marketing spin.

You will see some brands of salmon oil claim to be “cold-pressed”. Unfortunately, this is very misleading.

There is no such thing as “cold-pressed salmon oil”, as it’s impossible to cold press salmon. Olives, flax and other seeds can be cold-pressed, but you simply can’t press salmon and oil run out.

The process by which our oil is extracted is the most up to date and is very gentle so as not to damage the Omega 3 fatty acids in our oil. The best way to describe it is that it is extracted using a giant centrifuge.

You can see this in the analysis of our oil which is very up to date and accurate. We also micro filter our oil for the greatest levels of purity.

Fish oil contains EPA and DHA. These are the building blocks of Omega 3. Salmon, Herring, Mackerel, Anchovie and Sardine are oily fish, therefore contain lots of Omega 3.

Cod isn’t an oily fish, and cod liver oil is only made from the liver of the cod. This means that salmon oil naturally contains a much higher content of Omega 3. The amount of cod liver oil that would need to be given to your pet to ensure the same level of Omega 3 as salmon oil would mean you were overdosing your pet on other vitamins, such as Vitamin A, of which Cod liver oil contains a lot.

Therefore they are two very different supplements. With Flax oil, the Omega 3 contained may look high, but it is a different type, ALA. ALA can’t immediately be utilised by your pet’s body and needs to be changed within the body into a type that can be used.

This means the actual uptake of Omega 3 is considerably smaller. Also, it does not have the right type of Omega 3 to help with stiff joints.

Yes, absolutely.

Our Salmon oil and Omegawild work amazingly well with other supplements such as Glucosamine and Turmeric.

In fact, we recommend you give one of our oils alongside our Turmeric K9 supplement as it boosts the power of the Turmeric.

Used in conjunction with a Glucosamine joint supplement it complements the actions of the Glucosamine to provide even more positive results.

We would recommend if you are feeding other Omega 3 supplements either changing or alternating with ours.

This is just a formal name for Vitamin E. Vitamin E is essential in the absorption of Omega 3 for our pets.

It’s also an important ingredient in our oils to naturally preserve them and keep them in the freshest and best possible condition for you and your pets.

We offer both oils as we believe it gives our customers a choice. Our salmon oil is from ethically farmed Scottish salmon from deep-sea lochs in the outer Hebrides. It’s a great all-round Omega 3 supplement.

Our Omegawild fish oil supplement is from wild, sustainably caught Herring, Mackerel, Anchovy and Sardines fished in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic.

Omegawild is nearly odourless. It contains a higher level of EPA than our salmon oil, meaning that it may be a better choice for those with very stiff or arthritic dogs.

It is of course also possible to change up your oils from time to time to prevent your pet’s body becoming too used to one product.

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