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Fish Oil for Dogs Guide

The benefits of fish oil for dogs

Fish oil, if it’s the right fish oil, can have a myriad of benefits for dogs.

Commercial dog foods, no matter the quality contain a lot of Omega 6. Whilst this is a beneficial Fatty Acid (EFA) too much can be a bad thing, and actually cause inflammation in your pet’s body.  This is why it’s essential to have the correct ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6. Our fish oils are fantastic for putting these Essential Fatty Acids back to a productive and healthy ratio. Omegawild contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are EFAs and very important for your pet’s body to function at it’s best.

BARF and RAW diets benefit from our fish oils as they’re a completely natural way to get Omega 3 into your dog or cat’s diet without having to feed whole oily fish each day. An easy to measure dose is very beneficial when putting these diets together to ensure your dog or cat is getting everything they need from their food.

There are so many wonderful benefits of supplementing your pet’s diet with our fish oils, and here are a few below

  • Glossy, soft, healthy coat with less shedding Soothes itchy, dry skin and can help keep skin conditions under control
  • Supports healthy joint function and supports and soothes stiff, sore joints
  • Helps control allergies
  • Promotes healthy heart function
  • Aids in healthy brain development and function
  • Aids reproductive health
  • Supports the body’s anti-inflammatory processes
  • Supports and boosts overall health

Can you give your dog human fish oil capsules?

In short, yes you can. However, you’ll find it difficult to make sure you’re giving the correct dose for your dog and again, that you’re giving the most beneficial type of oil.

Our Omegawild fish oil and salmon oil for dogs are in a liquid form and have full and clear instructions on how much to feed on a daily basis. They’re carefully measured for what your dog or pet needs. A liquid fish oil supplement is generally a lot easier to feed to your pet (just pour/pump onto food and mix), and it will also enter into their system a lot faster.

Because our super-premium fish oils are specially formulated for dogs you can rest assured you’re getting exactly what your dog needs, straight into their food, without having to try to get them to eat gelatine capsules.

Pets also love the taste of our oils mixed with their food!

How much fish oil should I give my dog/pet?

Both of our fish oil products are carefully researched and come with clear instructions on recommended daily doses for your dog or pet.

For the best results, we recommend giving our oils to your pets on a daily basis.

What fish oil is best for dogs/pets?

Simply put, fish oil that is specially formulated for dogs and pets like ours are is best. However, there are some differences between our two products.

Our Omegawild fish oil is made from wild, sustainably caught Herring, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. Omegawild has a higher amount of the fatty acid EPA, which is what helps with sore and stiff joints and severe skin problems. Both of our fish oils also contain natural tocopherols (Vitamin E). This acts as a natural preservative, to stop the oil from going prematurely rancid and causing more harm than good. It is also great for the skin.

Another reason our oils contain Vitamin E is that when processing Omega 3 EFAs your dog’s body uses some of the supply of vitamin E. Most commercial pet foods actually contain quite a lot of natural tocopherols, however, if a dog is on a RAW or BARF diet, this can be considerably less so.

This means that there is potential for dogs to go into a Vitamin E deficit if fed the wrong fish oil. We wanted to make sure that you don’t need to worry about this, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting everything they need when fed the recommended daily amounts of our oils.

Does fish oil help with itchy skin?

Our fish oils are fantastic for itchy skin. A lot of the time, itchy skin can be caused by allergies or deficits in the diet.

You may think that a topical solution for itchy skin is the best thing, and whilst it can certainly help, in general, these types of problems need to be tackled from the inside out.

Because you are adding a big punch of Omega 3 to your pet’s diet, you will find that the skin starts to get healthier, and in turn, itching should stop, or be brought under much greater control. Whilst we don’t claim to be able to completely cure every itchy skin problem with our oils, they definitely help to keep the body and skin in much better condition, which can in turn support other treatments for even extremely severe skin issues. You will find that specialist dermatology vets are very fond of quality Omega 3 products.

Over the years we have been delighted to hear some wonderful stories about how our oils have helped with skin conditions.

How long does it take fish oil to work for dogs?

As we mentioned in a previous question, this is a question we are asked a lot. The answer is that it will start working right away. However, it may take a while for you to actually physically see the results.

For example, some people tell us that they have seen results within a week on their dog’s coat. If your dog has a flat dark coat that shows up shine well, you may see the results faster than on a dog with a wiry light coloured coat, but the oil will have been working on both.

Because supplements work in cycles with the body, we usually advise that 4 – 6 weeks on our salmon oil, when the body has had a good chance to get used to the oil and things have started working is a good amount of time for you to really start seeing results.

What does fish oil do for dogs?

Our fish oils do lots for dogs. They help alleviate and control existing conditions, support healthy ageing, greatly benefit puppy growth and development, and generally are an all-round fantastic “good health” supplement for your dog or pet. Even healthy bouncy animals benefit from our oils.

With our fish oils, you can rest assured that you are setting your dog up with extremely beneficial supplements, which could help them stay much healthier for much longer.

Just a few of the benefits

  • Glossy, healthy soft coat and fur
  • Healthy skin alleviates skin issues such as dry and itchy skin
  • Superior joint support helps keep joints healthy and soothes stiff sore joints
  • Heart-healthy and great for cardiac support
  • Supports cognitive function, and fantastic for puppy brain development
  • Can help control and alleviate allergies
  • Supports healthy organ function
  • Supports reproductive function
  • Suitable for large and small, young and old

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