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Artificial Grass Cleaner


Our artificial grass cleaner is a powerful disinfectant that deodorises and kills algea and moss in one easy product.

Our formula can be diluted to suit its purpose, making it suitable for multiple surfaces including artificial grass, patios, kennels as well as washing bowls and crates, leaving a fresh smell of cut grass and effectively neutralises odors!

Whether you’re disinfecting artificial grass, astroturf, or patio stones, you can rest assured it will leave each surface smelling fresh and safe for your pets.

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Use at a concentration of up to 30:1 for less soiled areas or cleaning dog bowls, right up to using neat for very badly soiled areas.

We recommend for standard soilage and cleaning of artificial grass and patios to use at a dilution of 10:1 product to water.

Sprinkle on using a watering can with a rose / sprinkle head and use a stiff brush to work into the area to be cleaned. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse away with fresh water.

Pet, wildlife and family friendly once rinsed or dry.

Always carefully read the bottle before use. Wash hands after use, protect hands, eyes and clothes.

Can cause skin and eye irritation or burns. If product comes into contact with skin or eyes wash immediately and if irritation occurs seek medical advice.


<5% Nonionic Surfectants

<5% Cationic Surfectants, Linalool, Perfume



Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Do not allow prouduct to freeze.

Separate pump can be bought (38mm) for product.


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