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Natural Calming Drops


Natural Calming Drops for Pets. Calm and de-stress your pet safely and naturally. Effective within 20 minutes and has a cumulative effect when used on a daily basis.

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Our 100% natural herbal calmer is designed for all pets. Formulated by herbal experts from the finest food grade ingredients, it is designed to calm your pet and can be given daily for cumulative ongoing effects with no nasty hidden chemicals. 
Once given, either in food or directly into your pet’s mouth, it will show results within 20 minutes and calm your pet naturally using no nasty chemicals. For the best results for anxious pets, suffering from separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, general stress or fear on an ongoing basis, we suggest use ongoing daily, as this product has a cumulative effect over time
With all natural ingredients 
* Valerian –
       Mild natural sedative which has been traditionally used to alleviate insomnia, stress and anxiety in humans and animals.
* Ashwaganda –
       Used in India for over 5000 years, and considered to be very rejuvenating. It is given for anxiety and stress.
* Avena –
       Derived from the post flowering tops of oat plants. Soothes the nervous system. 
* Magnesium –

       Has many benefits including muscle health and organ health, but also aids mental health and emotional wellbeing, and it has

       been shown when it is abundant in the body, it has a significant calming effect.
 Small dogs 5-7 drops 
 Medium dogs 7-10 drops 
 Large/Giant dogs 10-15 drops 
At very stressful times, such as fireworks or acute unexpected events, an extra dose of our safe, natural calming drops can be given.
 AVOID DURING PREGNANCY & LACTATION Best results after 3 weeks of continued daily use. Suitable for pets from 12 weeks old.
As with all products, if in doubt, please consult with your vet before use.

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