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Our Peanut Butter for dogs is 100% natural and safe.

Perfect for a treat or to spread on a lick mat or in the centre of our treat ball, from the spoon as a treat, or for hiding medication.

Our peanut butter for dogs has no nasty chemicals that can be harmful to your dog, no salt, sweeteners or sugar. Watch your dog lip their lips.

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Our peanut butter for dogs contains natural ingredients consisting of the highest grade of peanuts and a tiny dash of oil.

We add the 1.8% of vegetable oil to keep the peanut butter stable and to stop it going rancid quickly. Without that small dash of oil the peanut butter would be very runny, making it messy and hard to deal with, not as long-lasting on lick mats and toys and not nearly so successful for hiding medications.

You can rest assured that this is a rich, creamy and tasty treat that your dog will love.

Mutt Butter is a complimentary dog Treat and should be treated as such.

Like people, some dogs may put weight on more easily than others, so the below daily amount is a guide only and please use your own initiative for your own dog around this.

1 – 5kg        1/2 – 1 teaspoon per day

5- 10kg       1 – 2 teaspoons per day

10 – 20kg   3 teaspoons per day

20 + kg     3 – 4 teaspoons per day


Please ensure that clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Please ensure to thoroughly wash all toys and mats after use.



Analytical Constituent

Protein                               24.9%

Crude Fibre                       2.5%

Fat Content                       54.4%

Inorganic Matter (Ash)   2.3%

Peanuts             98.2%

Vegetable Oil   1.8%



Once opened use within 4 months

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight

No need to store in the fridge


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