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Dried White Fish Skin Cubes Dog Treats (Regular)


Our gently air-dried regular-sized Dried White Fish Skin Cubes Dog Treats is made from sustainably caught Cod and Haddock and is suitable for all breeds of dog, and puppies from 16 weeks.
100% Natural and 100% grain-free, these are an excellent low fat, healthy dog treat that is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestions, that will help clean their teeth. They are rich in Omega 3 as an added bonus.
Each hypoallergenic treat measures approximately 28mm square, and we have a smaller size treat for smaller dogs.
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We recommend feeding at the owner’s discretion, taking into account the size and activity level of your dog, and reducing the amount of feed as necessary to keep your dog in healthy lean condition, particularly when using during training.
Always make sure that clean, fresh drinking water is available.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein – 84.4%

Crude Fat – 0.3%

Crude Fibre – 9.2%

Crude Ash – 17%

100% Whitefish skins (Cod & Haddock)

Store in a cool, dry place.


Additional information

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200g, 500g, 1kg


Fish skin treats are great for dogs. They are a tasty, low-fat treat that contains Omega 3. Our fish skin treats are 100% natural as well as being ethically and responsibly sourced. Because they contain only gently air-dried fish skins, they are a natural, healthy way to treat your dog whilst benefitting from all the goodness of fish.

Our whitefish skin treats are great for your dog’s teeth. They don’t stick in around the teeth like some other treats, and because they are hard and crunchy they help keep the teeth clean as your dog enjoys them. Our chews, which are softer, but chewy act like a natural dental stick, without any of the nasties. The chewing action helps stimulate saliva in the mouth and cleans the teeth. Both are 100% natural and gently air-dried to ensure the best possible quality and enjoyment for your dog.

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