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Turmeric K9 Supplement guide for dogs

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Everything you need to know about turmeric for dogs

Disclaimer: If your pet is under veterinary treatment, please consult with your vet before starting Turmeric K9 as Turmeric can interact with some medications.

What is turmeric curcumin?

We’re often asked about our Turmeric K9 supplement, so we thought we’d explain a bit about this wonderful spice.

Turmeric is an orangey-yellow coloured spice extracted from the root of the Turmeric plant, which is a member of the Zingiberaceae family, which also includes ginger.

It has been used in many cultures for thousands of years both as a cooking spice, and in traditional holistic ayurvedic medicine which originated in India. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Curcumin is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric and the active ingredient in our turmeric K9 supplement. It is where the health-promoting effects of turmeric come from.

Thousands of studies have been carried out on turmeric and curcumin over the years.

What are the health benefits of turmeric for dogs?

  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Assists the body’s anti-inflammatory processes
  • Help joint pain
  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Wound Healing
  • Helps fight against certain diseases

This means that turmeric may assist with many conditions caused by inflammation, which include arthritis, allergies, kidney disease, digestive diseases and dental disease.

Being such a powerful natural antioxidant also means it can potentially slow down ageing, and degeneration and fight free radicals in the body.

Is turmeric safe for dogs?

Turmeric for dogs is very safe, and it works. However, there are some circumstances where your dog shouldn’t have it, or you should check first with your vet.

Turmeric is a warming spice, so if you have a dog who is prone to being hot and always looking for a cool spot, it may not be for them. It can also interact with some anti-inflammatory medications or diabetes drugs, and may interfere with some chemotherapy treatments, and shouldn’t be used where bile tract obstruction or gallstones are a problem, so we’d always recommend consulting your vet if you are in any doubt at all.

When we were formulating turmeric K9, we wanted a product that made it as easy as possible for owners to get the best advantages of this wonderful super spice. We knew from a study that turmeric works best in conjunction with some other ingredients.

We’ve added Piperine, which is the active compound in black pepper significantly boosts the performance of turmeric and makes it much more readily available for the body to use and absorb (up to 2000%).

We use a patented, top-quality black pepper piperine extract in our product called Bioperine. This provides us with the best source possible.

Turmeric also works best when combined with healthy oil. Therefore, it will work wonderfully when given alongside our salmon oil for dogs or Omegawild products for a super extra boost of goodness.

Can turmeric upset a dog’s stomach?

When used correctly and introduced gradually into the diet, turmeric for dogs shouldn’t create any tummy troubles. We’d also recommend that you need to feed it every day as Curcumin is a compound that leaves the body quite quickly, meaning regular feeding is essential for the best results.

How do I give my dog turmeric?

You can split our turmeric curcumin supplement for dogs over 2 meals or give in one each day successfully. We’ve formulated it in easy use capsules that you can either add whole to food or twist open and sprinkle over meals. You can even add a little water to make a gravy which a lot of customers have told us their dogs love (especially with the salmon oil or Omegawild in there as well!).

The capsules mean that you can easily and accurately measure what your pet needs without having to think too much or worry about it.

Turmeric really is a wonder spice, with lots of wonderful benefits both for us and our pets. It tastes pretty delicious too! Have we put you in the mood for curry yet?

We have discussed the amazing benefits of turmeric curcumin for dogs.

However, our supplement may be suitable for cats and other pets but please consult with your vet before starting Turmeric K9.