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Turmeric tablets for dogs & cats


Turmeric K9 is natural turmeric tablets for dogs and cats and can help with stiff, painful hips and joints, and general wellbeing.

Carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality, our concentrated Turmeric Curcumin supplement is 500ml (equal to 10000mg non-concentrated).

Our capsules make it easy to give your pet either whole or sprinkled on their dinner in a convenient dose. We add Bioperine black pepper extract, which is essential for effective absorption.

Turmeric has been used for hundreds of years in Asian countries as a natural support for the body’s anti-inflammatory processes and is a powerful natural antioxidant.

Our Turmeric K9 supplement helps with:

  • Stiff and sore joints
  • Digestive health
  • Calmness and wellbeing
  • Ageing support

We would also recommend feeding your pet with either our Salmon oil or our Omegawild supplement to further boost absorption and make our turmeric curcumin supplement as potent as possible for your pet.

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Recommended Daily Amount

1-10kg         1/2 daily or 1 every other day

10-20kg      1 capsule daily

20-30kg      2 capsules daily

30-40+kg   3 capsules daily

Capsules can be fed whole or twisted apart and sprinkled on / mixed in with food.

If your pet is taking veterinary medicine, particularly anti-inflammatories, always check with your vet before starting Turmeric.

Turmeric is a warming spice, so please make sure clean, fresh drinking water is always readily available.

Turmeric may stain.

Turmeric powder 500mg,

Bioperine 5mg (Black pepper extract standardised to 95% Piperine), Vegetarian capsule shell.

Turmeric powder 500mg,

Bioperine 5mg (Black pepper extract standardised to 95% Piperine), Vegetarian capsule shell.

Store in a secure place in cool dry conditions.

Keep away from children

Additional information

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60 caps, 120 caps, 380 caps, 2 x 380 caps

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kat Cromwell
Terrific -Turmeric

These are brilliant capsules which are easy to open and sprinkle on food. No hassle in getting dog to eat! Ollie has taken them for a few years and is spritely at 13 years old.

Brian Williams
What does my dog think?

Pippa is certainly moving well and has lost her pronounced limp. Four stars only because I don't know if it is the turmeric, metacam, salmon oil etc. or a combination of all or some. Still, well worth it.

Christine Hughes

An older dog now given assistance with these tablets
Freedom in the joints

Recommended product!

I got tumeric for my minitature schauzer dog when my dog had trouble with his joints. He now has been diagnosed with arthritis at 14yrs old so i give him 1 tablet sprinkled over his food every other day which has really helped him. He doesnt limp and is in no pain. He has been on these for a few years.

Great product delivered very quickly.

Ian Metcalfe
Capsules not tablets

These are large capsules and not tablets, this makes it difficult for small dogs to take.